Creating value by combining the strengths of brand, media, and technology.

What We See

The possibilities of today's platform-driven marketplace are limitless and continuously unfolding.

So are the challenges.

Business models,
category definitions,
competitive differentiators,
and consumer experiences increasingly blur, merge,
and emerge.

This dynamic environment requires new structures,
creative thinking, and
disciplined agility. We partner
with you to define understandings,
uncover opportunities, and generate new value in an increasingly complex world.

How We Work


Understand organizations, cultures, populations, motivations
(quantitative and qualitative)
Identify specific audience needs and larger cultural insights
Chart pathways forward


Develop strategic frameworks
Link strategies to address audience needs and desires
Establish decision-making processes linked to business goals


Identify focused ideas with purpose-driven reach
Develop commonly understood vocabularies
Translate ideas into multiple storylines
Communicate rich concepts using design, content, and voice
Conceive and advance executions for physical and digital platforms


Design real, human experiences
Establish connections across physical and digital environments
Develop systems that take advantage of a data-driven approach


Definitions, positions, frameworks, models, guidelines, curricula, stories, concepts, products, and experiences

Our collaborations with cross-disciplinary experts at the intersection of brand, media and technology informs the relevance and scalability of our work in a fast-paced environment.

Who We Serve

We have partnered with domestic and global organizations in the arts, entertainment and media, healthcare, manufacturing, philanthropy, and technology — all of whom are navigating an evolving landscape. We refresh legacy efforts and create new expressions and products as opportunities emerge or change.

Case in point:
We are reshaping the scientific R&D process with our partner DARPA, as members of a multi-disciplinary consortium (which includes science PhDs, gaming experts from Niantic and entertainment leaders).

Currently in pre-alpha, the Polyplexus platform serves the global research community and accelerates the rate of idea exchange, hypothesis generation, proposal development, and sponsor identification. This developing network includes both traditional and non-traditional performers and facilitates cross-disciplinary breakthroughs at pace with global change.

Are you a researcher or do you know a researcher interested in joining Polyplexus? Click here.

To learn more about Polyplexus or our other projects, reach out:

Who We Are

As structural strategists, we translate possibilities into practical and flexible plans, expressions, experiences, and products.

In other words, we help our partners think about opportunity, talk about it, create it, and deliver it.

Manon Herzog

Manon Herzog

Manon Herzog has spent her career at the intersection of brand and culture, developing community programs, marketing strategies and cross-disciplinary concepts with European and U.S.-based cultural institutions, including the pioneers of Swiss radio, the Saint Louis Art Museum and the global consultancy Lord Cultural Resources. Early on, she began to focus on the increasing blurring of for- and non-profit practices.

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As senior vice president of a North American brand consultancy, she worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as select non-profit organizations across industries and continents on brand strategy and management. These experiences have given her a deep understanding of the challenges of building brands worldwide in an increasingly fluid and platform-driven marketplace.

She has authored and contributed to multiple articles, white papers and books from the arts to beauty, brand, finance, food and media. Manon is a graduate of the Swiss School of Tourism and speaks several languages fluently.

Teri Schindler

Teri Schindler

Teri Schindler’s career began in media where she created, produced, and directed work for leading networks like CBS, HBO, NBC, and ESPN, winning multiple national awards. She then moved into the digital realm advising technology platforms and finally into brand strategy. Throughout, she has pursued the merging of media, technology, and brand, tracking the disruptions to, and evolution of, modern communications frameworks and strategic possibilities.

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For the NBA she developed strategies, partnerships, programming, and social media executions for the league, its partners, and its sponsors. As president of an Atlanta-based brand strategy firm, she has advised Fortune 500 companies across sectors on emerging technologies, content development, and new platform strategies.

She has participated in Harvard Business School’s Dynamic Women in Business conference and is frequently a featured speaker for corporate clients and at industry events. Teri graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Notre Dame.

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Lulu Li
Lulu Li
Project Manager
Cultural Communications and Research
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Adhish Patel
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Brittany Wood
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